The Great American Teach In

The Great American Teach-In is an annual event held in various schools across the United States. Its primary goal is to bring professionals, experts, and community members into classrooms to share their knowledge and experiences with students. The event encourages community engagement, fosters a sense of curiosity, and provides students with the opportunity to learn from a diverse range of individuals.

Key features of the Great American Teach-In typically include:

  1. Guest Speakers: Local professionals and community members are invited to speak to students about their careers, hobbies, and life experiences. These guest speakers offer insights into various fields, share personal stories, and provide real-world examples to inspire and educate students.
  2. Career Exploration: The Teach-In is an excellent platform for students to explore potential career paths, as they can interact with professionals from different industries and gain a better understanding of various job roles.
  3. Interactive Workshops: Some sessions may involve hands-on activities or workshops that allow students to participate actively and learn through practical experience.
  4. Community Involvement: The event promotes the involvement of parents, community members, and local organizations in the educational process, strengthening the connection between schools and their surrounding communities.
  5. Inspiration and Motivation: Guest speakers often share their journeys, including the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them. This can inspire students and motivate them to set goals for their future.
  6. Educational Benefits: The Great American Teach-In provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and knowledge. It broadens their horizons and encourages them to explore different paths in life.

The Great American Teach-In typically takes place in elementary, middle, and high schools across the United States. Schools usually coordinate the event, inviting volunteers from the community to participate. The specific format and date of the Teach-In may vary from one school to another.


Please reach out to the front office if you’re interested in presenting. KRAI Office Phone- 813-346-2300