KRAI Progressive Discipline Plan

Discipline Vision: The goal of the KRAI PBIS & Discipline Committee is to create a proactive plan that promotes students to be safe,respectful, responsible and supports teachers in implementing consistent progression of interventions to teach desired behaviors. We want to increase positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors using data collected through the PBIS Rewards App.

  1. Verbal warning, restate expectation/rule
  2. Re-teach Expectation, Parent Contact, Student Reflection Sheet, possible Lunch detention
  3. Parent Contact, Re-teach Expectation, Additional Lunch Detention, Lunch ISS, possible after-school detention.
  4. Parent Contact, Re-teach Expectation, after-school detention.
  5. Parent Contact, Re-teach Expectation, Saturday School
  6. Parent Contact & Referral to an administrator

*A referral may be step 1 depending on the severity of the action but is generally the last step for repeat minor infractions.

**Step 2 on students will also conference with discipline assistants &/or admin.

***A pre-referral may be used for anything that you would typically write a referral for but would like to provide 1 last learning opportunity for the student. An administrator will conference with all pre-referrals & issue appropriate consequences.

Please contact our Student Discipline IA’s for more information.

Jade Kruger